Lychee & Black Orchid - Bar & Dish Duo

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A perfectly paired bar & ceramic dish duo. An ideal gift or a treat to enjoy for one’s self. 

 Complex florals of black orchid blend with the exotic and luscious sweetness of lychee to form a soft, enveloping fragrance, deftly balanced by the gentle aromas of white tea, sandalwood, geranium, lilac and jasmine. This fragrance smells like silk feels; clean and fresh yet feminine and sensual, indulgent and mysterious. Bring intrigue and elegance to your favourite spaces with this luxurious scent.

Fragrance notes:

Lychee Fruit, black orchid, white tea, subtle sandalwood, geranium, lilac, jasmine




Lychee & Black Orchid - Bar & Dish Duo

Lychee & Black Orchid - Bar & Dish Duo