Vani-T Self Tan Bronzing Mitt

Bronzing Mitt | Self Tan Applicator

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Your BFF for self tanning like a pro

If you’re not already using a bronzing mitt, your life is about to change. Meet the Bronzing Mitt that’s set to become your most faithful companion in achieving a totally even fake tan and maintaining your gorgeous glow.

Whether your go-to faux glow formula is a Vani-T mousse, spray or custard, getting a golden tan doesn’t have to involve a glam squad. All you need is the plush Bronzing Mitt to deliver a professional streak-free finish – it’s completely foolproof!

You can kiss goodbye to the tell-tale signs of a fake bake - stained hands, orange nails and dodgy streaks. The velvety soft double sided tanning mitt glides across your skin without dragging or streaking. It’s so luxe it’ll make every scrub down feel like a meditation session. Another bonus is that the mitt is durable and washable, so you can use it again and again.

You deserve a fake tan so good they’ll think it’s the real deal - and the Bronzing Mitt was made for the task.


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Bronzing Mitt | Self Tan Applicator

Bronzing Mitt | Self Tan Applicator