Vetiver & Ivy - Bar & Dish Duo

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A perfectly paired bar & ceramic dish duo. An ideal gift or a treat to enjoy for one’s self. 

 A mysteriously masculine edge with warm, earthy, smoky notes that suddenly finds you in a softly lit cocktail bar, sipping on a dry martini. Subtle kicks of freesia, cedar, mistletoe and musk tease the senses. So exotic, yet so familiar. It’s classy, it’s cool, it’s sexy and it’s got a distinct air of intrigue that lends it its irresistibility.  It’s limited edition, baby, don’t let this one get away. 

Fragrance Notes:

Freesia, Ivy, cedar leaf, fir, mistletoe, musk, sandalwood, lavender, leather, lime, oud, amber, smoked oak, vetiver, frankincense, coastal spices




Vetiver & Ivy - Bar & Dish Duo

Vetiver & Ivy - Bar & Dish Duo